a 3frame pixel commission `u` hit me up if you want one!!

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I kicked the furry habit years ago but your adorable art is making it very hard for me to stay clean (´Д`)

you can’t hide for long

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Ahh I feel a bit shy asking this but do you maybe a have a pricelist of available commissions? I really love your work!

oh i’m really sorry i don’t have them listed!! i’m in an emergency financial situation right now so i’m basically taking anything at negotiable rates. my going rate for animations is 20/second though!

an animated commission! let me know if you want one too!

I hit 3,000 followers yesterday! That’s amazing!! Thanks everybody for all of your love and support!!

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Do you have a list of what kind of commission prices you have and what for? I’m on mobile right now so I can’t see if there’s a link for it

ahh I don’t have a price list right now, between running around trying to get a new job and a new driver’s license or temp ID I haven’t the time ): asking is free though and there’s no pressure to buy!!

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Hi! Sorry to hear about the bad luck! This is an out-there possibility maybe, but I’ve seen your animated GIFs and like them. How much might you ask for a simple animated GIF of a character? As simple as the “I’M NOT CUTE” dog.

I can do a simple uncolored animated thing like that for 45 :>

an announcement

I’m now open to all kinds of commissions, including pay-what-you-want commissions, starting now!

Some emergency financial situations in my life have come up, including but not limited to losing my job and losing my wallet within the same week.

Thanks everybody as always for your support!! I really appreciate all the love and kindness given to me.

・゚:* animated cherry blossom icons *:・゚✧

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how much would your cherry blossom avatars be? 15? or more because of animation

yup they are 15 each for a regular looping animated one and I add extra frames of animation for any extra dollars you add!