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What are your prices?

right now my going rate for animation is $20 per 1 second of fully colored animation but slots are, of course, limiteeed

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How did you first begin animation? How long did it take you to get his far?

The actual story of how I finally committed to animation is kinda funny - after dabbling in it when I was younger and then finally resigning myself to being unable to animate by middle school (Flash was way too hard for me to learn at the time) I decided I would be the guy who designs the covers for video game titles (not the concept art; for some reason just the cover).

I’d been calling my projected career “illustrator” until junior year of high school, when my friend spiritdrex, a year above me, mentioned he wanted to go to college for animation. I was totally confused and asked him if he knew how to animate and he said “Not really, but they teach it all to you there, I think.”

That totally floored me, and that’s what reinvigorated my interest in animation. I’d always wanted to animate but never had the tools at my disposal to do so. So I decided I would go to college for animation too!! (drex ended up going for illustration in the end, ironically).

I took a course at the closest art college to me in “digital animation” or something like that and we weren’t taught Flash, we learned After Effects. I took to the program really well and made a lot of motion graphics type stuff in high school for my school’s televised announcement program, like “commercial” type spots for clubs. Eventually I started dabbling in Flash and Photoshop animation, which now seemed incredibly easy compared to After Effects, which is probably the most deadly of the Adobe programs when it comes to complexity.

I used those “commercials” to apply to college for animation. I did my first actual on-paper animation in sophomore year, and it went from there. So I guess that’s my timeline. In terms of “how long it took me,” I would say the process began as soon as I picked up a pen. When you’re an animator, knowing how to draw well and draw fast is just as important as doing the actual animating.

i have been receiving several asks lately of different people asking me to look at their art and/or reblog their stuff to “get it out there,” I know you guys have the best of intentions but I don’t like to “network” or participate in “networking” when I don’t have to… so please no more messages like that thank you!!

if you have a question or something like that don’t be afraid to ask but i just don’t really have time to publicize everybody who comes to my ask box, I’m sorry!

an animated commission, pirate style!!

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Pssst... Final Stage commissions... Will they ever make a super come-back?

haha perhaps!! when I did the Final Stage commissions before they were very experimental. I will have to charge at a different price if I reopen them (I was charging way too little for a pic that involved a character redesign, environment design, color & shading, and a pixel icon all in one) so I don’t know if people would still want to pay that much more for them. but thank you for your interest! i really loved making that series and I hope I can do it again.

animated commission… sergals can be snobby haha

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Do you take requests?

not currently, sorry!


my second character in her normal form and her alternate “dream” form


looks like i kinda went overboard with these storyboards ;;;;)))

I have a progress blog for my upcoming thesis film, Sleep Awake. Here’s some boards from it!